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Page Angus Ranch
Page Angus Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming traces it's roots back to the
Three Bar Ranch that was established by Thomas H. & Margaret Page
back in March of 1947. Both the registered and commercial herds of
primarily black angus cattle still carry the Three Bar brand.

Their family of four children grew up on this ranch.

The children raised many animals and competed in numerous fairs with
them, garnering more than their fair share of awards and prizes.

The tradition continues with grandchildren and great-grandchildren
exhibiting Page cattle and doing well in carcass classes as well as
taking many of the top places in those contests.

While Page Angus's primary aim is to raise a top carcass animal, there
have been several successes in the show ring. In the 2008 Laramie
County Fair, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Kodi Page exhibited the Grand
Champion Black Angus Steer. This steer also had the Reserve Champion
Baylee Baur
Kodi Page
2008 Grand Champion
Angus Steer
Kodi Page
2008 Grand Ch. Angus Steer
2008 Reserve Ch. Ribeye
Shelby Page
2008 Overall Quality Carcass
5th place
Shelby Page
2008 British Crossbred
The Cows at
Page Angus Ranch
At Page Angus we strive to produce
moderately framed cows that can raise
calves able to reach slaughter weight at
13-15 months. The calves are thick,
well-muscled and grade extremely high

The cows must be hardy and able to
thrive in the typically harsh winters and
7200 ft and above altitudes found in
and around the Laramie area. We not
only expect them to survive here, but
they have to raise a good calf and
breed back year after year.

Our cows are great mothers with
wonderful maternal traits that are
consistently passed down to their
offspring. We have granddaughters and
great-granddaughters working in both
the registered and commercial herds.  
A beautiful example of these cows was
laid to rest and buried on the ranch this
past December after many years of
service to us. She was entering her 18th
year and had produced a calf every
year since she was  two years old.

We also breed for a calm disposition,
which makes handling the cattle easier.
Studies are proving that calm, easy
going cattle gain more quickly in the
pasture and in the feed lot. Our cattle
are nice to handle in the corrals and in
the pasture.
When choosing AI or herd bulls to use on our cows, we look for
bulls that have a great amount of muscling and superior
carcass traits. These bulls must also have good maternal
traits. Once again, disposition comes into play. High strung
temperamental cattle are not economical to raise and are
difficult to handle.  If these bulls are to remain on the ranch as
sires, they must pass these positive genes on to their offspring.

Since brisket "high altitude disease" is such an issue not only in
our area, but in all regions with high altitude, we ruthlessly
screen all prospective sires. Any bull not passing this criteria is
not even considered for use in the Page Angus herds.

We began buying bulls from Keith Emerson over 10 years ago.  
The bulls that we purchased worked out so well that we
continued buying out of the top end of his sale year after year.

We were using these bulls on our commercial herd and as the
years passed, the weaning weights increased dramatically
while the birth weights remained low. Continued successes in
the carcass contests proved that we were right on track with
our choices for herd bulls.

When Keith made the decision to sell out, we bought the entire
Emerson Angus herd.

As we move forward, our intention is to continue to produce
cattle that are well adapted to this climate and economical to
raise. Great emphasis will be placed on cattle that are easy
fleshing with good carcass traits. Excellent maternal traits will
always be a priority.

We are continually looking for bloodlines that will improve on
what we already have, and we hope to pass the results on to
our customers in the bulls that we have for sale this year and
in the years to come. (see bull sale)  
The Bulls at
Page Angus Ranch
Raising Quality Black Angus Cattle
Spring Brandings
Another Successful Year
in 2009!
Shelby Page exhibits the Reserve Champion
Black Angus Market Steer
Laramie County Fair, Cheyenne, WY
Shelby Page exhibits the
Grand Champion Over All Carcass Champion
Laramie County Fair, Cheyenne, WY
Page Angus Ranch
449 Carroll Lake Rd
Laramie, WY 82070


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