All bulls in the sale will be PAP tested, fertility tested, BVD/PI
tested.   Fertility scores available soon.     
Feel free to drop by and see the
cattle anytime. The coffee pot
is always on!
Silent Auction
Bull Sale
April 26, 2014
Page Angus
449 Carroll Lake Rd
Laramie, Wyoming
Featuring some of the nation's best
carcass and maternal traits
Raising Fine Black Angus Cattle
These bulls are born and raised at
Laramie's high altitude of 7200 ft
bw act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww   yw   milk   sc   pap
 84lbs   554lbs  626lbs 1035lbs 42   78    22    38  37
Bull 031    3/19/2013
bw  act.ww  205adj  4/22wt  ww   yw   milk   sc   pap
2.0   82lbs  520lbs ---- lbs   844lbs  
 45   84   26    37   40
Bull 753   4/12/2013  
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww   yw   milk   sc   pap
-.9  78lbs   482lbs  581lbs   894lbs  --   ---    ---    36  40
Bull 758   2/20/2013
Bull 154   2/26/2013
bw act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww   yw   milk   sc   PAP
1.1  79lbs  566lbs  644lbs  1015lbs  57   102  30    37   43  
Bull 420   3/08/2013
bw act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww   yw   milk   sc   pap
1.1  88lbs  564lbs  583lbs 1005lbs
  43   76    26    38  39
Bull 532  2/27/2013
bw  act.ww   205adj  4/22wt  ww  yw  milk sc   pap
-.1   98lbs   604lbs   605lbs  1100lbs
 45  82  19   36  37
All PAP testing is
done by
Tim Holt, DVM
Bull 541      3/3/2013
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw  milk   sc   pap
.1   84lbs   578lbs  587lbs  1025lbs
 44  76   21    35   41
Bull 953  2/25/2013
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw   milk   sc   pap
1.3  85lbs   600lbs  615lbs 1075lbs  53   95   24     37  38
Bull 761    3/26/2013
bw act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw milk   sc   pap
3.1  92lbs  588lbs  653lbs 1090lbs  50  80  20    37  36
Bull 853   2/21/2013
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw  milk   sc   pap
1.6   81lbs   666lbs  653lbs 1180lbs
  51   86  19    40   39
Bull 762   3/3/2013
bw act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw  milk   sc   pap
.8    85lbs  586lbs  573lbs 1020lbs   
41   70   21    40  41
Bull 542   2/20/2013
bw act.ww  205adj  4/22wt  ww  yw  milk  sc   pap
2.2  83lbs  650lbs  632lbs  1040lbs  55  94   26
  41   42
Bull 950   4/12/2013
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw  milk   sc   pap
.9    92lbs   520lbs  643lbs 966lbs   43  77   25
   36  40
Bull 572   2/20/2013
bw  act,bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt ww   yw  milk   sc   pap
.6   85lbs   586lbs  573lbs 1050lbs  47   74   31    38  40
bw act.ww  205adj 4/22wt   ww  yw  milk  sc   pap
.6  85lbs  552lbs  558lbs  900lbs   44
  84  30   37   41
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw  milk   sc   pap
1.0  90lbs   572lbs  563lbs  1035lbs 48   90   21
   37  35
All photos of the bulls were taken in their working
in Laramie's typical range conditions.   
                Mytty In Focus
WXW Mytty In Focus L144
      WXW Samantha 444 J140
Page Mytty In Focus 3350 AAA# 17775548
       Basin Rainmaker 814Z
E A Susie 0603
      E A Susie 8200

                Connealy Onward
Werner War Party 2417
      BAAR USA Lady Jaye 489
Page War Party 3154 AAA 17791532
      E A Bushwacker 8104
Page Magic Anne 1532
      E A Magic Anne 1415

            S A V Final Answer 0035
   H A R B Icon 019
            H A R B Belle Nellie 702-707
Page Icon 3953 AAA 17778210
            E A New Design 1507
   Page Magic Anne 9511
            E A Magic Anne 9015

   SVF Shamrock Copyright 4926
T&B Copyright 2160
   Shamrock Beebe Queen 460 EZL
Page Copyright 3031 AAA 17791531
     B/R New Design 036
E A Black Erica 7100
     Emersons Black Erica 203

           Hoover Dam
   Diamond Hoover Dam 9Y07
           Diamond Blackcap Lady W806
Page Hoover Dam 3753 AAA 17775550
           R P Bushwacker 3 944
    E A Pride 2847
           T A R Pride 8422

                   G A R  New Design 5050
 G A R Ingenuity
          G A R Objective 1067
Page Ingenuity 3420 AAA 17791536
        R A Spectre 4F
 E A Blackcap Lady 7114
        Emersons Blackcap Lady 881

           Connealy Tobin
     Connealy Confidence 6541
           Becka Gala of Conanga 8281
Page Confidence 3541 AAA 17778245
           MR New Design 1072
    E A Queenet 2215
           E A Queenet 0292

       Connealy Onward
Werner War Party 2417
       BAAR USA Lady Jaye 489
Page War Party 3542 AAA 17791537
       MR New Design 1072
E A Blackbird Lady 8305
       Emersons Blackbird Lady 5428
          Mytty In Focus
WXW Mytty In Focus 448 L144
          WXW Samantha 444 J140
Page In Focus 3853 AAA 17791538
          MR Hydro 9364
Page Blackbird Lady 8401
          E A Blackbird Lady 0234

         SydGen C C & 7
   Hoover Dam
         Erica of Ellston C124
Page Hoover Dam 3572 AAA 17778187
         E A Rainmaker 5352
   E A Susie 6035
         Emersons Susie

                              Mytty In Focus
      WXW Mytty In Focus 448 L144
                WXW Samantha 444 J140
Page Mytty In Focus
                E A Future Direction 7104
      E A Queenet 5417
                E A Queenet 2215

              Bon View New Design
     E A New Design 1507
              E A Blackbird Lady 5427
Page New Design 3762
              M R Bando 1675
     E A Blackbird Lady 5427
              E A Blackbird Lady 8305

                        SVF Shamrock Copyright 4926
   T & B Copyright 2160
            Shamrock Beebe Queen 460 E7L                    
Page Copyright 3950
            E A Really Windy 2016
   Page Queenet 9360
            E A Queenet 2093

           S A F Connection
  SydGen C C & 7
           Erica of Ellston C124
Page Hoover Dam 3531
           A A R Really Windy 1205
 E A Susie 1265
           Danille's Susie 6031

       S A V Final Answer 0035
 H A R B Icon 019
       H A R B Belle Nellie 702-707
Page Icon 3522
       R P Bushwacker 3 944
 E A Magic Anne 7015
       Emersons Magic Anne 590

         Hoover Dam
 Diamond Hoover Dam 9Y07
       Diamond Blackcap Lady 8W06
Page Hoover Dam 3758
         MR Bando 1675
 E A Blackcap Lady 4417
         E A Blackcap Lady 1404

     Mytty In Focus
WXW Mytty In Focus L144
     WXW Samantha 444 J140
Page Mytty In Focus 3532
     A A R  Really Windy 1205
E A Magic Anne 1415
     Emerson's Magic Anne 7011
Bull 531   3/02/2013
Bull 522   2/22/2013
bw  act.ww  205adj 4/22wt  ww  yw  milk  sc   pap  
1.5 69lbs  546lbs  656lbs  956lbs    42  77   26   37  38    
Reference Sires
2014 Sale Bulls
*G A R Ingenuity*
*WXW Mytty In Focus 448 L144*
*Connealy Confidence 0100*
*T & B Copyright 2160*
*Werner War Party 2417*
*EA New Design 1507*
*Hoover Dam*
*H A R B Icon 019*
*Diamond Hoover Dam 9Y07*

As we move forward into this year we are once again reminded of God's
goodness when we see fresh life in the new arrivals at the
Page Angus Ranch.

With each birth, we see the miracle of new life that makes it worth the
sleepless nights and a new found annoyance towards the ever present,
dreaded alarm clock!

Once again we are preparing for the sixth annual bull sale to be held on
April 20th this year.

We want to give a big thank you to all of our previous buyers who have
supported this sale year after year. Without you, we would never have
been this successful! You are the foundation of our sale and not only
are we grateful for your business we are pleased to count you as
neighbors and friends.

Page Angus Ranch is pleased to offer you an outstanding set of bulls
this year.

We are continually striving to keep the birth weights low, yet at the same
time maintain and improve upon the carcass and maternal traits that
have become a foundation for our herd.

The ability to survive and perform well is paramount to our operation.
The bulls produced here come from a herd bred, born and raised at
7200 ft with each herd member pap tested their yearling year.
Individuals not scoring well on the pap test do not enter the cow base.

This diligence has paid big dividends in the amount of time and money
spent on cattle that are unable to survive, or even produce at this
altitude. 'Poor doing' cattle in this area are often struggling with
'brisket'. Pap testing our herd has helped immensely in keeping the
impact of this disease at a minimum at Page Angus.

Dr. Tim Holt did the PAP testing March 16th.

Alvin Ruiz and Brett did the carcass data on April 4th. The results will be
posted on the website shortly.

Dr. Christa Branch will be doing the fertility exams on April 8th.

We look forward to seeing all of our old friends and making new ones
on April 20th.

The bull preview on sale day will begin at 10am. Please join us for a
complimentary lunch to be served at noon with the sale following at

Feel free to drop by anytime to see the sale bulls as well as the rest of
our cattle herd.

Once again a heartfelt thank you to our previous customers and God's
blessing to you all.

Margaret, Tom and Barb Page

To all of our
friends and buyers
who came to the

for your

Margaret, Tom & Barb
Bull 350 3/26/2013   
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EPD'S on Bull 758 are estimated